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As we near the time for early voting, you should have a concise and clear idea of what I will do for you. Here are my seven pledges.

  • I will vote to restore single-family zoning if given the opportunity.

  • I will work to fix the decade of park underfunding

  • I will reduce clear-cutting trees and increase green space. 

  • I will work with UNC to increase "middle-middle housing."  

  • I will restore our leaders' sincerity, responsiveness, and transparency. 

  • I will work to recover our unique college town charm

  • I will support and aid local businesses

We can only achieve this vision if we have town leadership that supports it. Thus, I would like to introduce you to 4 candidates who share my vision. They are:


Adam Searing for Mayor

David Adams, Breckany Eckhardt, and Elizabeth Sharp


We come from different backgrounds and viewpoints, but we share a vision for our town. Electing all of us can change the current direction of the town.

Together, we can work toward a new vision of a modern college town. 


Are you ready for a change?  

Vote for Renuka Soll 


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