"I am grateful for Renuka to help me get my GED. My future will definitely be brighter because of her."
- Hsar Moo, Orange Literacy GED student
"I admire Renuka's dedication to the students of Chapel Hill High School. The mountain biking team has greatly benefited from her support."
- Ben Reed, CHHS Mountain Biking Team Coach
"I serve with Renuka on the Parks Commission and the NCGV Board. I support her for Town Council because she does the work. She is informed, insightful, and focused on solutions. I can count on her to take action and see real results."
- Wesley McMahon, Chair of the Parks, Greenways, & Recreation Commission
"Renuka is a proven leader who has been serving our community in many different capacities for over 15 years. Whether as PTA President, Parks and Recreation Commissioner, or advocate to end gun violence, she gets the job done. Renuka will be a strong and effective voice on Council for all Chapel Hill residents."
- David Schwartz, Chair of the Historic District Commission
"Renuka is committed to helping Chapel Hill lead the way in gun violence prevention. Despite many hurdles, she successfully organized an event to get unwanted guns off the street. I know she will bring this level of determination and resourcefulness to Town Council to help lead the way on other difficult and challenging issues that face our town."
- Wesley McMahon, Board member of North Carolinians against Gun Violence
"For some on the current Council, green space and trails are an after thought. For Renuka Soll, parks and greenways with plenty of trees and trails are one of the main reasons she is running. This is the first chance we have had to get a mountain biker on the Town Council!"
- Adam Searing
"Thank you for all your work, vision, and persistence to make this happen. Our community is safer because of your efforts. It's a big accomplishment."
- Kat Good, Financial sponsor for the Gun Give Back event
"Renuka has a genuine warmth that makes her an excellent team player. She is tenacious and finds innovative ways to remove barriers. Renuka would be a fantastic, fresh addition to the Town Council."
- Michael Murphy
"Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with many Chapel Hill Town Council members and candidates. As development runs rampant and green space disappears at a rapid pace in Chapel Hill, we need thoughtful and committed leadership." 
- Abel Hastings
"While we don't know each other, you deserve support for your quest to become a Council member. As an old Council member, I have a small inkling of what it is like to serve today."
- Alan Rimer
Ed Bassett
Kim Crooks
Christopher Deschene
Arthur & Deborah Finn
Bruce & Ann Henschel
Bea Hughes-Werner
Charles Humble
Jody Jarowey
Julie McClintock
Molly McConnell
Cynthia Monarrez Larrick
John N Morris
Soyeon Nam
Linda Rimer
Del Snow
Jack Soll
Art Werner
Diane & Robert D Willis


Email: RenukaForTownCouncil@gmail.com

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