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The best way to have a vibrant, safe, and livable community is through mixed use development along our transit lines. Multi-modal paths and better public transportation needs to be developed simultaneously to ease traffic flow. 


We should...

  • Develop affordable housing and shops close to public transportation where appropriate within the transit corridors so that people living there will be able to get to work and to shop easily. 

  • Encourage affordable housing on existing transit lines as it is expensive for the town to extend bus service to new routes.

  • The urban development should be walkable and bike-able with better pedestrian paths and bike lanes.

  • Support an alternative means of mass public transportation, such as the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system since the DOLRT plan is not moving forward. It is a fast and efficient transportation option which will help ease traffic congestion.

Mixed use development in the appropriate places equals smart planning for Chapel Hill.

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