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Welcome Citizen Participation

Chapel Hill seems to be curtailing citizen participation by eliminating many of the citizen advisory boards from the development review process and not being receptive to residents' comments. This prevents residents from having a say in decisions that affect them. You don't have to feel "voiceless." Are you ready for a change?

I encourage:


  • Petitions - The volume of signers represents the importance of the issue to our residents. When we see so many of our residents signing petitions about the Legion property or about wanting a splash pad, we need to listen to them. 


  • Sending in letters to Council and speaking at Council meetings - I want to hear what you have to say.


  • Reaching out to Council members and meeting with them - We can learn from each other. You should always feel free to reach out to those that you elect to represent you.

Many residents have complained about not feeling heard. Council decisions comprise of difficult trade-offs and not everyone is going to get what they want. However, the reasoning behind decisions should be transparent and make sense. 

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