Transparency is important because people should be able to clearly know what their town government is doing. Members of the Town Council are elected by the citizens to represent them. They need to drive the policy and the processes based on what the citizens want. We need more transparency in what the town does. 


We should do the following:

  • The town needs to have more accountability for approved petitions. Just as the town has a great system for tracking the petitions, there needs to be a good transparent system for tracking town council approved petitions and their implementation.

  • Staff must respond to questions and petitions. After talking to people in the town, a common complaint is that no one answered back their requests. People don't know whether the town is working on it, are getting to it later, or have denied it. The residents deserve to get an answer rather than feeling that their petition or request has fallen into a void.

  • Tweak the Form Based Code (FBC). The Council lost control of guiding and approving development in the Blue Hill (Ephesus-Fordham) district. Tweaking the FBC will enable the Council to regain more control over what is being built so that development meets our values in terms of design, environmental impact, and affordable housing.



Paid for by Renuka Soll for Chapel Hill Town Council