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Renuka Soll’s Candid Takes on Chapel Hill's Key Issues

Renuka Soll's videos emerge as a breath of fresh air in an era where clarity and authenticity often take a back seat in political discourse.

Directly addressing the crucial concerns of Chapel Hill, Renuka clarifies her viewpoints without the typical dance of deflection and ambiguity that has become so common among candidates in 2023. No waffling, no evasion—just plain and straightforward answers.

If you're seeking a candidate for Chapel Hill Town Council who genuinely says it as they see it, look no further than Renuka Soll.

Dive into her videos and experience a refreshing take on politics.

Part I.  Chapel Hill Today and Tomorrow: Renuka Soll's Vision
II.  Affordable Housing: Opposing Views & Solutions
III. Renuka Soll’s Vision for Parks & Recreation’s Future 
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