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Prioritize Parks & Recreation

Parks need to be a top priority and a necessity and not be an afterthought, which is how they have been treated by the current Council. I have spent 5 years listening to your park needs as Chair and a member of the Parks, Greenways and Recreation Commission. Based on the community's desires and needs, the Commission has set priorities, and I want to implement them. 

Chapel Hill's Parks and Recreational Needs:
  • Creation of a new park on Legion property. The east part of Chapel Hill is in dire need of a park, especially with the large amount of development and density in that part of town. 


  • Greenways or paths to connect our town. Let's make it easier and safer for our children to walk to school, and for us to go to work and do errands without needing a car. 

  • Create new pickleball courts. We are in dire need to create more pickleball courts for this growing sport. What we have does not meet the needs of our residents as players are desperately looking for any space on which to play.

  • Renovate the tennis courts. Many of the tennis courts in town are in such bad shape that residents cannot play on them. Tennis players have talked about joining private clubs to play. This shouldn't have to be the case. Being able to play tennis should be accessible to everyone.

  • Create splash pad(s). Over 1,000 residents signed a petition asking for a splash pad in Chapel Hill so that that they don't need to go take their children to neighboring towns to use theirs

  • Inclusive Playground. Residents have been asking for an inclusive playground to meet the needs of children with different abilities. 

  • Neighboring towns have been investing in their parks. We should too. Chapel Hill has over 70 parks and greenways projects that need at least $25 million to build, repair, or upgrade.

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