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Actions Speak Louder Than Endorsements: More of the Same, or Your Vision?

Hello Everyone,

Election Day is Tuesday! It has been a journey, and I thank you all for your support and kindness!

I want you to consider two final ideas as you vote or urge others to vote.

First, our town needs change. According to a recent election poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, only 28% of our town approves of our current leadership’s performance. 39% disapprove!

We have a chance to change.

Second, there is a reason for the disapproval. Look at what our leaders have been deciding. There are so many plans, endorsements, and assertions, and it’s hard to know what is true, false, or noise. But we can look at actions, and actions speak louder than words.

I would like you to see accurate data from Chapel Hill's public records on the actual voting record on crucial town issues for the three candidates who are currently serving on the Town Council: Adam Searing, Jess Anderson, and Amy Ryan.

On the left-hand side of the chart, you will see the names of all the key issues. Then, you know how each council member voted. Then, down the right-hand side, you see a summary of the critical issues.

On the first five issues, all three candidates voted in lockstep. All of them believe growth and more affordable housing are necessary. These actions sum up to 1400 housing units, of which 30% are affordable.

The bottom five issues show the differences in the candidates. They each have different visions of how to grow. Jess has an idea of extreme urban density. She votes yes to all development. Amy is more nuanced but similar to Jess.

Adam's no votes all correspond with the green you see on the chart. His vision is of balanced growth as a modern college town that has critical infrastructure like parks and green space, as well as local charm, to support the development.
If you cut through all the noise, this election is really about – what kind of growth you want. Adam's actions support his vision. So do I!

If you like the green, balanced plan, vote for Adam Searing, Renuka Soll, David Adams, Elizabeth Sharp, and Breckany Eckhardt.

Please vote and encourage all your friends and family to vote!

Thank you!



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