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It is Time to Elect New Leaders with a New Vision

Hello Everyone,

It's Election Day! Polls are open all day from 6:30 am-7:30 pm. It's time to elect a New Leaders with a New Vision.

We have a vision of balanced growth, creating the type of housing that the town needs, protecting our trees, prioritizing our parks and green spaces, supporting local businesses, restoring single-family zoning since it will not benefit our town, being heard by your elected leaders, connecting our greenway system, and to start doing things instead of just planning.

Since I decided to run for Town Council, the campaigning has been nonstop. The best part has been meeting all of you - the voters. I have listened carefully as you've told me what you like about Chapel Hill, what you don't like, and what can be improved. Many of you have great ideas on what we can do. I hope that you continue to stay so invested in this town that you deeply care about.

Another big bonus of campaigning was getting to know Adam Searing, David Adams, Elizabeth Sharp, and Breckany Eckhardt. We are indeed your neighbors, are hard-working, and have your best interest in our hearts. We are excited to lead the town with you. Together, we can make Chapel Hill vibrant and charming. Please encourage all your friends and family to vote!

You have the power to reset the course of the town to move toward balanced, green growth with your vote. We can do this!



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